Where To Find Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is a component in your vehicle that serves to purify exhaust fumes and reduces the noise your car makes as it runs. 

There’s a huge rise in the theft of catalytic converters across the country right now because the precious metals they contain are very valuable right now. If you start your engine up and find that your exhaust is extremely loud, there’s a good chance that your converter has been stolen. 

Thieves are harvesting catalytic converters from the cars of unassuming people, but there are ways to find converters without breaking the law. Let’s take a look at some of your options. 

Legal Ways to Find a Catalytic Converter

There may be a lot of catalytic converters in your life that aren’t in use and could be used to make a little bit of money. 

The first thing to do is ask yourself if you or anyone close to you has a vehicle that doesn’t work and is just sitting. Your friends that have dozens of cars out in the country might be the first ones to look to.

Ask them if you could pay them a little money to remove their catalytic converters. Remember that you don’t need the converter to work in order to get money for it at a salvage yard. 

You just need the bulk of the material. So, go out and ask your friends if you can pull the converters off of their unused cars. 

Go To a Junk Yard

Any junkyard that has old cars and different vehicle parts might have a catalytic converter or two for you to have. It’s important that you ask the owners of the junkyard what’s acceptable, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a catalytic converter somewhere on the property. 

If the person there is wondering why you’d want the converter, let them know. They’d probably be happy if you took it off of their hands for a couple of bucks. 

Drive Around Your Town and Knock on Doors

If you cruise around your town and look for cars that clearly aren’t in use, you can go knock on the door and ask if you could pay to take the catalytic converters off of the owners’ hands. 

Find out your area’s catalytic converter scrap price and offer the owner of the car around half of that. In many cases, you can get more than one hundred dollars for a catalytic converter. 

If you have any success asking the owners of rundown cars to pay them for converters, you can make a lot of cash in a short amount of time. 

Have Converters to Sell?

If you have some success finding catalytic converters to scrap, we’re here to give you good money for them. The value of the converter depends on the age, quality, and metals present in it. The catalytic converter cost also depends on the current market value of its contents.

Contact us to see how much you can expect to get for your converters if you bring them in. 

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