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At J&K Salvage we value the general public to be as much of an asset to recycling as are our industrial clients. Whether it is a truck full of items or a single bag of aluminum cans, no trip to J&K Salvage is too big or too small.

Aluminum cans:
Aluminum cans are one of the most popular consumer recycled products. In 2008, 54 billion cans were recycled saving energy equivalent to 15 million barrels of crude oil – America’s entire gas consumption for one day. We offer easy in and out drive up service at our non-ferrous building. Also check out our newest can recycling machine at Eichelbergerʼs U-Pull-it in spring grove. This reverse vending machine allows you to deposit your aluminum cans and receive cash instantly. This machine has just been completely retrofitted so we can guarantee you’re getting paid exactly what you deserve!

Automobile recycling plays a large role in environmental sustainability. It is very important to us to make sure all entities of a vehicle are handled in a responsible manner to keep pollutants from entering our environment. If you have a vehicle that is no longer of service, there are many ways to get cash instantly from J&K Salvage.
• If you have a way of getting it to us, just bring it in.
• Call us and we will gladly tow your vehicle for you.

We’ll give you cash for any metal item you have laying around. We accept all types of metal, but metal only. It’s a great way to make some extra cash and to keep our landfill dependency to a minimum. So before you put those items on the curb for trash, bring them to us! J&K Salvage also offers trailer rental equipment. If you have items to get to us, visit out rental services page for more information on daily trailer rentals.



J&K Salvage offers a wide variety of metal recycling services for commercial and manufacturing companies of all sizes. We can help you determine the most effective way to process your material and can customize to meet your needs.

J&K Salvage container service
• Short and long term service available
• 11 standard sizes to choose from (1/4 through 40 cubic yard capacities)
• Container placement service
• 24-hour service
• Guaranteed confidential disposal of product overruns, returns, or anything you do not want back in circulation.
• Can be used for manufacturing by-product, loose part recycling, construction demolition clean-up, etc.

Mobile automobile crushing
• Fully automated big mac car crusher
• Our experienced employees use environmentally sound practices to ensure both J&K Salvage and the customer are in compliance with today’s standards.

Transportation & hauling
•J&K Salvage offers a wide variety of trailer, flatbed, rolloff, & rollback towing to relocate your valuable materials or to bring them to us for recycling.

End users/brokers:
At J&K Salvage, we understand the importance of our customers’ needs when it comes to getting our collected metals to its next phase of the recycling process. We can customize each load according to your needs. We load to legal limits to control costs and maintain safe practices. Many delivery options are available including:
• Customer pickup
• Overseas container
• Domestic trailer using our logistics or another commercial carrier
• Railcar
We have domestic or international loads shipping daily. We invite you visit our processing facility to see our operations and to see how we can supply your business with the metals you need!

All sales are FOB (Freight on Board) – York. Customer arranges shipping details when purchasing scrap metal.

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