Scrap Metal Trends

While something as “negatively” named as scrap metal isn’t often considered to be popular commodity, the evidence suggests that, now more than ever, the common man as well as the commercial client are looking into the idea of scrap metal.  As it rises in value and price, the trends and expectations surrounding scrap metal are starting to shift and change in a big way.  Here’s what you need to know about the biggest trends surrounding scrap metal. 

Modern trends for scrap metal

Ignored by commercial workers and passed-over by private workers as well, scrap metal facilities are enjoying a spike in popularity for all of the best reasons.

  • Ferrous metals are in high demand (and offer you more financial reward): While JK Salvage takes both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling, you’ll find that the price difference between them more in favor of ferrous metals. Since these are rarer, they’ll be priced higher for those who choose to recycle them, too.  In collecting scrap metals, you’ll want to focus your attention there as far as financial reward is concerned!
  • With global price increases of metals, recycling depots are becoming more popular: Since the price for metals is going up worldwide, more and more people are turning to recycle depots to source recycled metal and its price cuts. This makes recycling depots themselves more popular and you’ll have more potential to both sources your metal from depots, as well as recycle to them, as depots will be on the hunt for metals as well. 
  • As we recover from COVID-19, the price will rise with demand: With COVID-19, the demand (and price) surged for metals. This is expected to continue to rise (though more steadily rather than in a spike) as the world recovers and the market starts to return to normal again. With this expected increase, you’ll be able to get more for your scrap metal recycling than you would have a year ago. More money in your pocket!
  • Metal recycling is getting more and more popular: Since the world only has so many resources in metal sourcing, the idea of recycling scrap metals is not only catching on, it’s also getting more funding and more popularity even from a commercial point of view.  As more and more people start to deliberately source scrap metal first and foremost, that popularity brings more need for scrap metal recycling.

We’ve known at JK Salvage for a while just how valuable and precious scrap metal recycling is. Now, the world is started to see that for itself how important scrap metal recycling is, and this practice along with its depots is expected to continue to rise in the coming years.  What this all means for you is that there has never been a more profitable time for you to start collecting scrap metal or to bring your scrap metal to us for a cheque!

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