Mobile Billboards: The Affordable Advertising Option

How are you reaching your customers? If you think mobile phone ads are the solution, get real — mobile ad blocking has exploded by 90%.

Not everyone’s ads work best in the digital space. Sometimes you need to get in the real world and have something tangible to reach the right audience.

Have you considered mobile billboards? If not, we’ve got tons of great reasons why you should add this marketing method to your toolbox — keep reading.

Great Value

When you want to get to people right away and make an impact right now, you want to know where your money is going. With mobile billboard advertising, you can watch your ad spend in action.

Mobile billboard pricing is usually at a fixed rate. They’re also more cost effective than stationary billboards, radio or printed ads.

Brand Awareness

While mobile ads work with all sorts of ad campaigns, there’s no doubt that they make effective vehicles for brand awareness. Potential customers can’t click away.

A big truck driving by with your billboard is sure to draw eyeballs, especially when you bring it to high-traffic areas, like rush hour or big events. You can effectively bring attention to all that you offer when you rent a mobile billboard.

Targeted Advertising

We talked about how people won’t be able to turn away from a big truck with your signage on it. To take your brand awareness campaign to the next level, leverage the power of targeted advertising.

If you know your audience will be at a certain location, take your ad to them. This way you’ll make sure the people you want to see your message will get it and you’ll be able to have more control than you would with digital advertising.

Return on Investment

What’s the real return on investment when it comes to mobile advertisements? Your target audience takes real world actions when it comes to mobile billboard ads that lead to conversions.

More than 30% of those who saw a mobile billboard visited the advertised website or brick-and-mortar location. Nearly 30% watched the advertised TV show or visited the social media sites of the advertisers.

More Flexibility

It’s true that you can change up a digital ad with the click of a button. However, there are oftentimes legal hoops to jump through to stay compliant and your ad could get flagged for arbitrary reasons.

Renting a mobile billboard allows for more flexibility and freedom. You can be sure your ad will be seen and control where it’s seen and for how long.

Effective Advertising with Mobile Billboards

As you can see, mobile billboards offer you a variety of benefits that more traditional ads don’t. They also have certain advantages in a world full of digital marketing clutter.

Make sure your targeted audience gets your message. You’ll start to see clicks, conversions, and more once you try this effective form of advertising.

Ready to get your message to the right people at the right place? Reach out to us today and discover everything that mobile billboard advertising has to offer!

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